Ya Gotta Be Serious


“What ya got, dude?”

“This here writeup about the frogs, dude! It’s gnarly!

“Yeah? Ramen not good enough for ya no more? What you payin’ for this goor may food wit’, huh?”

“Yer winnin’s from ‘Grand Theft Auto’, dude. Not real frogs. Play frogs. In the play from Arista … Arasta … Aroosta … oh, I dunno. Old guy.”

“Dude. I ain’t readin’ that!”

“Why not? Y’got somethin’ ‘gainst culture?

“Yeah. Unless it’s in my yogurt, dude. Or on the test. But I ain’t readin’ it ’cause … wait for it …”

No, dude, no! Stop!!

It’s Greek to me, dude!

“… dammit …”

“How the hell you find this, anyway?”

“Googled it. It reminds me of OC and how he feels right now.”

“Oh yeah that’s right. He got the, um, violets that Quilly got earlier this week. Affected his voice, has it?”


“So you’re worried, dude. That’s nice. You’re afraid he’ll …”

Don’t do it, dude, don’t do it!!

… croak, ain’tcha?”

“[…] Dude?”


“I hate my life.”

“So b’fore y’kill yerself eatin’ worms, dude, tell me what you were laughin’ at.”

“So I’m readin’ ’bout the career of this Aristowhozis. Y’know, how he wrote the plays an’ tried to sell ’em? Well, apparently he was havin’ his troubles ’cause he wrote comedies, an’ folk weren’t used to ’em or somethin’. An’ the Wikipedia article says right here, an’ I quote:

comedy was slow to gain … acceptance because nobody took it seriously

“An’ it’s footnoted an’ everythin’.”

“… they didn’t dig comedy ’cause they couldn’t take it … BAhahahahahaha!!! Dude, that is gnarly. Epic fail, Wikipedia! Are you serious?

“Ain’t that a spaceship, dude?”

Yeah, dude! An’ whoever wrote this has gotta be one o’ the crew …!”

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  1. Doug says:

    That’s funny about comedy. I wheeze you best wishes on your recovery.

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