So What’s All This About Kryptonite? (Microfiction Monday #73)

Poor color rendition, dude. Y’d think that if they were gonna bother dressin’ the picture up in gold leaf …”

Chill, dude. When that picture was taken, color hadn’t been invented yet.”

“Eww. I didn’t think Susan was that old.”

“She ain’t. An’ she won’t thank you for thinkin’ so.”

“So who is this dude, anyway, dude? Looks vaguely familiar …”

“Does, doesn’t he? No clue though. Check the filename.”

“Sec … ‘grandadkent.jpg’.”

“Kent? Kent! Of course, dude! Look! Up in the sky …!”

“But I thought Superman came from, like, outer space, and the Kents adopted him!”

“Yeah? Look at that picture again an’ tell me what you believe!”

“Shee …. git yer fingers outa my face! D’y’reckon they knew?

Who knew?”

“Y’know, them! Lois Lane, Perry White … Jimmy Olsen! Hell, Olsen was a reporter!

“An’ if they knew, dude, what then?

The Kent family archives called Superman’s history into question. Krypton? Really? But Jimmy Olsen decided not to run with the story.

“Of course he won’t. ‘Cause if Superman kicks yo’ ass, you’ll be tastin’ his shoe leather!

“An’ that’ll be the last thing you’ll be tastin’, in this world anyway.”


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2 Responses to So What’s All This About Kryptonite? (Microfiction Monday #73)

  1. Pat says:

    Well, I’m glad Jimmy O decided to perpetuate the myth. Hey, isn’t that what good reporters do?? Thanks for the laugh, Dudes…I think yours is the most entertaining MM week in and week out.

  2. Bill says:

    Hey Dude’s, Someone else thought it might be a distant relative to Tom Cruise. If you have a moment wander over to Sparklefarkle’s place.

    I thought outer space but in a different area.

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