Lube Job (Microfiction Monday #64)

“OK, dude, what’re you scowlin’ at now?”

“More of this microfriction stuff, dude.”

“Not microfRiction, dude! Microfiction! I thought we settled this a long time ago!”

“Yeah? Y’wanna explain this picture then?”

That’s easy, dude. Somebody’s gotta do somethin’ with all that gunk in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Wrong logo, dude. Nobody but BP’s touchin’ that stuff. Not that BP wants to either.”

“Dunno why they wouldn’t. Oughta be real slick.”

“Ha ha, dude. Funn-eeee. Not.

“You got a better idea, dude?”

“Dunno. But I think my granddad might’ve. Ever hear of Brylcreem?”

“Krispy Kreme?”

“Not even close, dude. Brylcreem was a prehistoric hair gel. It got a bad rap from some outfit that was tryin’ to sell something else, and it got labeled “greasy kid stuff”. So if my grandfather had lived long enough to think of a tweet as somethin’ other than somethin’ you’d give the bird, he’d probably have written:”

Hey. You want something for your hair? Throw away that greasy kid stuff. This here’s for *adults*.

“Your granddad was weird, dude. Was he related to your great aunt?”

“Yeah. Same side of the family.”

“Right. That explains a lot.”

“What do you mean by that, dude?”

“You’ll find out.”

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11 Responses to Lube Job (Microfiction Monday #64)

  1. quilly says:

    I remember that ‘greasy kid stuff’, but it was my Gram that used the Brylcreem — just the merest skiff — to make her hair shine. I don’t ever remember seeing it greasy.

  2. Interesting dialogue family, grease and microfriction – I’ll take mine with salsa please

  3. Diane says:

    Sounds like my kind of crazy family. Have a great week! :O)

  4. Ruth L says:

    Ha ha ha, great stuff. Well, maybe not exactly 140 characters, but a great little greasy piece. And it does have the microfiction hidden in it. Thanks for the story and for making me laugh.

  5. Bill says:

    I remember Brylcreem, we even had a teacher in the late 1970’s who still used it. We called him Fonzie. We were young, what did a bunch of Teenagers know.

  6. peggy says:

    I remember Brylcream too.
    Funny stuff!

  7. Oh man — I can smell that Brylcreem now! But my Dad used Vitalis.

  8. I remember dad using brylcream, but I remember the ads for Dippity Do better — a little dab’ll do ya!

  9. Susan says:

    Real funny dude, real funny!

  10. dianne says:

    brilliant dialogue

  11. Oh, gosh! I remember Brylcreem! The dudes are quite a pair. 🙂

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