Dude and Dude: And It's Only October

“Du-UUUDE!! Are you nuts?!?

“Why do you ask, dude?”

Why do I ask, he says. The trade winds have died, dude. There’s not a breath of air anyplace. It’s flippin’ 90 degrees American. In the shade. Why in pluperfect hell are you wearing a fur coat, a fuzzy hat, and mittens?!?

“Well …”

“No way you’re well, dude. We gotta get you to a doc … And why are you carrying around that Chinese frying pan?!?

“I’m just doin’ what the song says, dude!”

What song?”

“They play it at the mall every ten minutes, dude. I can’t believe you missed it!”

“Just tell me already!”

Wokkin’ in a Winter Wonderland, dude. Sheesh.”

“Oh, I get it. A protest song. Very funny. Now will you stop dressing up as the Christmas Creep and get back into aloha wear before I have to drag you to the hospital?

  – O Ceallaigh
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