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Amoeba’s Lorica: A Lien Future

CAPE CANAVERAL (API*): Rumors abound at this hour that the most recent United States mission to the International Space Station has encountered an artificial object not of this planet. The SpaceX Crew Dragon 2 capsule “Inquisitor”, which blasted off on its maiden … Continue reading

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Starship Train: Buggy Whip

Kirkland: “The away team has returned with a delegation from Gamma Jakobi?” Solu: “Yes, sir, they’re touring the Boobyprize now.” Bones: “The horse-and-buggy planet sent a delegation?” Srock: “Yes, Doctor, they did. Who is in it, Mr Solu?” Solu: “There are two of them. … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: They Also Serve

A work of fiction, set in an indefinite future time. Standard disclaimers. Ruth – slightly shorter than the average height, somewhat rounded in face and body compared to most of her cohort but nevertheless fit, close-cropped mousy brown hair, hazel … Continue reading

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