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Kris an’ Murphy: The Time It Is A’Changin’

Kris: “Well, Murphy, here’s to falling back.” Murphy: “Another bad Faculty Senate outcome? What miserable policy option are we falling back on this time?” Kris: “Please, Murphy. It’s Friday evening. Let the hallowed halls hallow themselves until Monday. At least.” … Continue reading

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Timed Out

“C’mon, dude, wake up! It’s mornin’ already!” “Not, dude. It’s still, like, mostly dark out.” “So I can’t help it if the sun don’t get up ’til after we hafta, this time of year, dude. It’s already after seven, and … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Unsprung

Quilly’s legion of fans will be happy to know that Quilly is having a grand time on her retreat. She should be back on deck tomorrow afternoon sometime (Sunday 14 March, Pacific Daylight Time) to catch up with your comments … Continue reading

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