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Christmas 2013: Day 2

Rudolph: “Mr. C!! Glad to see you, sir … but, er, isn’t it your bedtime? What’re you doing in the stables with us?” Claus: “Going to be joining you and your teammates tonight, by your leave, Rudolph. Mrs. C. threw … Continue reading

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Christmas 2013: Day 1

“Merry Christmas, dude!” “Again?! Dammit, dude, we do this every year!” “Um … yeah?” “So ain’t this Christmas chick found somebody else yet? I ain’t never met her, an’ all I know ‘bout her is she oughta be way old … Continue reading

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The Holiday Spirit

The Dudes “Yeah, baby! Bring ’em here!” “Ah, dude?” “What?” “That’s spirit, not spirits.” “That could start a spirited discussion, dude.” “Not to mention heated?” “If it’ll get some mulled wine inta this joint, ya better believe it.” “Well, merry … Continue reading

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