He and She: Labor Day

He: “Propane.”

She: “Not in favor.”

He: “You don’t like windows?”

She: “Of course not. They’re paneful.”

He: “So would not being able to cook your dinner. So I have to go out soon, go to the store, and get propane.”

She: “Does that make the store a sadist?”

He: “Funny you should mention that. Check to make sure the store’s open, will you?”

She: “Working … It is.”

He: “On Labor Day?”

She: “Them, and just about everybody else.”

He: “[…] So let me get this straight. Labor Day was founded in the 19th century so that ordinary working people could get a day off for once. Fast forward to today, and ordinary working people get to work so that the fancy peeps that ordinary working people were mad at in the first place get to have their day off?!?”

She: “Um …”

He: “And make it out like it’s all about the fancy peeps anyway?? And not the service workers who are getting the shaft for real?

She: “I always worked on Labor Day. Double time. And it beat staying home alone.”

He: “Double of nothing is still nothing.”

She: “Same as you, Mr Greens Mower. And what are you going to do about it, Mr 24/7/365 Research Director?”

He: “[…] Go get the propane.”

She: “Good idea.”

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  1. Quilly says:

    Dinner was toasty hot and yummy. Thank you.

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