He and She: Propel Your RelationCraft

He and She were discussing challenges that She is facing with her next novel

She: “My characters are not having a relationship!

He: “Oh really?”

She: “They’re having parallel lives …”

He: “Fictions within a fiction?”

She: “Parallel li-V-es, dear.”

He: “So you’re moving into reality TV?”

She: “I’m writing a romance! And how can you have a romance unless you can get your characters into a relationship?

He: “It’s too big. Try something smaller.”

She: “Like what? A lunch date?

He: “A relationboat. If they can’t afford a relationship, maybe a boat’s within their budget. And there wouldn’t be enough room for them to play ‘that side’s yours, this side’s mine’.”

She: “I suppose I could have them paddling a canoe.”

He: “A kayak.”

She: “A single seater! Now that would bring them together!”

He: “So would a blender*. But then you might have a little bit of trouble distinguishing your characters.”

She: “But the whole point of romance is for two to become one!”

He: “Yeah, but landing both of them in the soup is probably not the most profitable way to accomplish this.”

She: “Sometimes I wish I had a bit more trouble distinguishing your character! You’re a nut!

He: “Thank you.”

She: “[…] Uh …”

He: “At long last, my botany degree is good for something!”

* It’s Jessie‘s fault for dragging the blender into this.

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2 Responses to He and She: Propel Your RelationCraft

  1. Tora says:

    Lol funny

    I enjoy two kayaks “waving”
    with sharks circling
    A sunset
    A turtle and man o war
    And holding hands

  2. nathhoke says:

    LOL. You’re both nuts in your own minds.

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