He and She: Scripts At Sea

She: “Friend of mine just paddled out into the harbor and got a selfie with the Cornelia Marie.”

He: “That’s the fishing boat in the reality TV show ‘Deadliest Catch‘, yes?”

She: “Yes, they’ve been filming in Hawaii. So?”

He: “So, it got me to thinking.”

She: “Uh oh …”

He: “Murder mystery. Serial killer, working out of a …”

She: “What’s he got against breakfast?”

He: “Who?”

She: “Your cereal killer.”

He: “Working for General Mills tipped him over the edge. Seems like a nice guy, though, and nobody can figure him out. He’s got this sailboat, and he goes places with it, takes people, y’know, out on it.”

She: “Do I want to know what you’re calling this?”

He: “Sure. ‘Deadliest Ketch.'”

She: “There’s your book. Go write it.”

He: “Bah. It’s been done.”

She: [Consults University of Google] “It has … not! You’re out of excuses. To the computer you go! I got mine done. Your turn!”

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2 Responses to He and She: Scripts At Sea

  1. Charlene says:

    Your turn! Not to blog. Write a novel!

  2. Tora says:

    Lol funny
    I enjoy your back and forth
    A light in my day

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