Dude and Dude: An’ That’s tha Truth

“Sacked again?!?

“Shot down in flames, dude.”

“Dude. Yer saposed ta wait ’til ya get home ta do shots!”

“Y’c’ld just shot me now?”

“Not callin’ ’em ’til ya tell me what happened, dude.”

“They said I wuzn’t reliable, dude.”

“They said what?!? Then they ain’t got no case, dude!”

“Ya reckon?”

“I know, dude. Alla them times ya said y’d show up fer work at 7 AM, and ya staggered in at, like, 7:45 or somethin’? If that ain’t relieable, I don’ know what is. An’ if’n they wanted a dude what was retruthable, they shoulda said so in tha first place!”

“Dude …”

Amirite? Ya seen any book stores lately?”

“… whut?”

Book stores, dude. Where ya buy books. ‘R used ta. An’ where d’ya put tha books afta y’ve bought em?”

“Tha floor?

“Hokay, reboot. Where do peeps fancier than us put books once they’ve bought ’em?”

“Um … a library?

Way ta pin tha label a fake news on books, dude. Give ’em some props an’ put ’em inna truthbrary, yeah?”

“Riiiight. Ya do know what happens ta most books that get put in a lib …”


SHADDAP!! Ya put ’em in there, an’ what happens? They sit there. Like ferEvah! Where they get, like, buried. Lies an’ truths alike.”

“OK, so’s ya bury ’em. Ya gotta diss ’em too?”

“Dammit, dude, ya gotta hammer me wit’ this stuff taday? It’s like, strainin’ our alliance!

“Yeah? What’re ya tellin’ me? That I gotta watch what ya say an’ do just like tha bosses ya ain’t got no more? I thought I was worth an atruthance to ya, dude.”

“Dude, what yer worth ta me right now is onea them shots ya wuz talkin’ ’bout at tha top a tha page. It might do somethin’ fer tha headache yer givin’ me. As if I didn’t have a big enuff one a’ready. I’m a’gonna go lie down.”

Truth down!!


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