Dude and Dude: Pow How Right Now

Left now, dude. Dammit!”

“… whut?”

“Ya heard me, dude. Wit’ all that’s goin’ down in this country? I ain’t givin’ tha right nothin’! Ya feel me?”

“Yeah, dude, I feel ya gettin’ inta, like, a traffic jam when tha road sign reads Right Turn Only.”


“Nah, dude, growlin’ at it won’t do ya no good. Ya don’ wanna get stuck there ferevah, ya gotta, like, do somethin’. Sooner ‘r later, y’re gonna get hungry, ‘r havta take a piss. I sapose there is a way ya could still be a pighead an’ get outa tha jam. But peeps’d havta give ya tha space, an’ even if’n they did, they’d sure be lookin’ at ya funny.”


“Three lefts make a right, dude.”


“… whut?”

“Three lefts actin’ tagetha make rightS! An’ I’d get three million if’n I could. ‘R thirty! I tell ya, dude, then ya’d see some power!

“Ya pau yet, dude?”

“I ain’t got no pow yet, dude. But gimme them lefts …!”



“Ya heard me. Meh.”

“But fer why?

“‘Cause yer hung up on power. I didn’t reckon ya c’ld be so lame. Though this ‘right’ schtick shoulda given me a clue.”

Ya wanna see this country taken ovah by tha Nazis?!?

“Ya mean it ain’t already? I’m tellin’ ya, dude, wantin’ power is lame. It ain’t gonna cut it. Yer gonna need powest, amirite?”

“O .. my .. ”

“OMG yerself. Why’re ya settlin’, dude? Yer gonna need all tha pow ya c’n get in order ta get ennythin’ changed ’round here. I don’ wan’ no power. I wan’ powest ‘r it ain’t worth my while, yeah?”

“Yeah. Do I wanna know what yer gonna do wit’ that powest?

Surf, dude. An’ ya gotta know, we ain’t nevah gonna run outa weed no more!”

“An’ what tha hell good is that gonna do?!?”

“Just as much as yer gonna do gettin’ stuck in traffic at right turns! Dude!”

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