He and She: Super

Samsung Galaxy "Superman" caseShe: “I want to get a job at the Samsung kiosk.”

He: “Say what?”

She: “I said, ‘I want to get a job at the Samsung kiosk.'”

He: “For why?”

She: “So I can be the guardian of the Galaxy!”

He: “[…] I don’t think so.”

She: “Why not?

He: “You’d be underpaid and under-equipped. Well, maybe not under-equipped. I’ve never known you to have any shortage of quips. But shouldn’t Samsung be paying for these? Why should you have to bring, and pay for, your own? And besides, quips won’t help you much against galactic menaces, or even the irate customer who can’t figure out the app he just downloaded. You’d need at least a light saber.”

She: “Wonder Woman got paid?”

He: “Those bracelets had to be good for something. Printing currency, probably.”

She: “I am disillusioned.”

He: “Don’t see why. Superheroes are superheroes because they are so good at concealing their means of support. Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark excepted.”

She: “Wonder Woman’s means of support wasn’t concealed. She wore her corset for all to see!”

He: “A true superhero! She could still breathe (and avoid fainting) even with that corset on!”

She: “That woman was a wonder!”

He: “It’s amazing that Lynda Carter didn’t suffer the same fate as George Reeves.”

She: “George? Not Christopher?”

He: “George Reeves was the TV superman. Caught a bullet – and not in his hands. Christopher Reeve (no ‘s’) was the movie Superman. And died a quadriplegic. Bottom line: don’t sign a contract to play Superman. Especially if your surname is something like Reeve(s).”

She: “I am not — equipped — to play Superman.”

He: “Well, don’t sign up to play Wonder Woman, either. It’s a miracle that Lynda Carter didn’t decide she could jump off tall buildings. Had to leave the bracelets at the set, I guess. That might have saved her life.”

She: “Props for that.”

He: “Reeves wasn’t even George’s real name. It was Brewer, later Bessolo. If he was going to change it, it needed to be something like Plunkheit. Or he needed to not play Superman.”

She: “[raises one eyebrow]”

He: “Sorry. Wrong TV franchise.”

She: “Fascinating. George was the 1st Superman. How could he have known of the Reeve(s) curse?”

He: “Because he was Superman! He’s Super, isn’t he?”

She: “Superman. Not God. Well, maybe to DC …”

He: “DC’s shareholders.”

She: “Don’t you wish that included you?”

He: “I can wish all I want. The company wouldn’t. I reckon, the minute I buy DC stock (or any other), the company will collapse.”

She: “That’s what I’ve always figured would be my fate.”

He: “OK, I take it back. Go sign up to play Wonder Woman. We’ve got to get our hands on those bracelets!

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  1. Charlene says:

    But I rarely wear jewelry. It irritates my skin!

  2. Caryl says:

    Entertaining as always!!

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