Dude and Dude: Meme-ories?

the basic memeMeme-ories, dude?”

“That’s what it sez up there, dude. Cute, huh?”

“But fer why, dude?”

I dunno. I guess OC made some memes an’ wanted peeps ta remember ’em. So he’s postin’ ’em here.”

“But I thought he, like, hated memes?!?”

“Well, he ain’t ‘zactly gonna be recommendin’ them ta peeps as, like, tha truth ‘r somethin’.”

“Ya mean they ain’t?!?

“Not even, dude. An’ OC ain’t cool wit’ the idee that a meme makes ya look smarter than y’are, dig?”

So what’s he doin’ ’em fer, huh??”

“B’cause he, like, wants ta? He’s gotta have a b’cause?”

“Yeah! So’s he c’n lie ta us like everybody else, dammit! An’ I ain’t cool wit’ that idee, dude.”

“Sheesh. Happy New Year ta you too, dude. Why don’t’cha tell how ya really feel while yer spoutin’?”

OC’s been ignorin’ us fer like tha last six months!! How tha [censored] ‘s a dude saposed ta feel, huh?

“Um … tha way yer saposed ta feel towards the dude what can comm…”


“[…] Reckon it won’t do no good ta mention that OC’s made a resolve ta post on this site every Monday in 2016 …”

“Riiight. I’d be ROFLMAOing if’n I didn’t happen ta be so pissed right now. Can’t wait ta find out how long this lasts. Ain’t bettin’ past January.”

“It ain’t like he don’t haveta go ta work, dude.”

“He had time fer memes, dude, amirite?!? Ya just wait …”

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