Dude and Dude: Merry Super Christmas

Super Bowl 50Wow, dude! Didya hear tha news?

“Dunno, dude. I’d kinda rather see nudes, dig? Hearin’ ’em’s, like, ineffectual, yeah?”

News, dude, news. Get yer mind outa tha gutter.”

“Same as you, dude, I been seein’ what y’ve been playin’ on yer cell. So what’s yer ‘news‘ already?”

“It’s gnarly, dude! Tha 50th Super Bowl’s gonna be played on Christmas!

Not! Whassamatta wit’ ya? Tha football playoffs ain’t even started yet by Christmas, ever’ season we’ve been around ta see ’em, an’ the 50th season ain’t gonna be no diff’rent. Tha Super Bowl’s gonna be in February like it usually is, an’ count yer blessin’s they ain’t figured out yet how ta push it ta March ‘r April!

“I tell ya, dude, it’s gonna be Christmas! They just, like, announced it! Look!

“Yeah, I’m lookin’ …”

Right up front, dude, ya can’t miss it! No L!!

“[…] Dude?”


Facepalm, dude.”

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