Dude and Dude: Apeerances

Peer review or it didn't happen“Dude, that’s disgustin’!

“Say what?”

You heard me!”

What are ya talkin’ about, dude?!?

“That picture, dude!”

“Yeah? What about it?”

“I don’ want nobody reviewin’ anythin’ a mine in tha john!

“Well, dude, we all gotta pee sometime.”

“But do we gotta advertise it? Ewww!

“No, dude, that’s Aaaarrrrggh!



“This is ’bout pirates? If’n ya say so, dude, but I don’ see no parrots sittin’ on that dame’s shoulder talkin’ ’bout pieces a eight. An’ what kinda review’d ya do on a pier, anyhow?”

“The kind where they nail a short plank offa tha end an’ make ya take a long walk on it! Really, dude, don’ tell me ya ain’t heard a a ‘jury a yer peers'”.

“OK, dude, I won’t. An’ I ain’t sure I’m happy ya told me ’bout it.”


“I don’ want none a them peeps peerin’ at me, starin’ me down an’ makin’ judgements! What if I ain’t got no clothes on? I’d just as soon they didn’t, like, know I ain’t winnin’ no Mr. Universe titles anytime soon, dig?”

“Sorry, dude, but if’n ya do somethin’ dumb enough so’s they set ya down in front of a jury, that’s the kinda stuff they’re supposed ta find out. ‘Course, they are supposed ta be kinda, y’know, noble ’bout it.”

“Oh. Phew!


“We ain’t got no nobles in this country, dude, remember? An’ if ya think I’m gonna let nobody drag me off ta England so’s the peerage can peer at me, they can like think again!

Sigh. Ya ain’t gettin’ this, are ya, dude?”

“Damn right. I ain’t gonna get peed on, I ain’t walkin’ off no piers, short plank or long, an’ I ain’t gonna get stared at an’ rated by nobody, even if’n he’s gotta crown ‘r a fancy title an’ a palace someplace.”

“Dude, that ain’t it. ‘Peer review’ is like when ya get a bunch a folks like you – yer peers, scary a thought as that is – an’ have ’em look at some a yer stuff. It’s saposed ta be helpful. Happens in tha sciences alla tha time.”

“Oh great. Dude’s been talkin’ ta OC again. I shoulda known. So these dudes get tagether somehow an’ look at whatever sciency stuff y’ve been doin’. Yer peers ‘r peerin’ at ya, like nosy peeps will do. What if’n they don’ like what they’re seein’?”

“Well, dude, sometimes they can, like, piss you off …”

So I wuz right tha first time!! Why didn’t ya just say so?!?



Time out!

“You ain’t my mother …”


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  1. Quilly says:

    All of that and you never bothered to ask when a peer isn’t a peer? Like when they supposedly have the same education you do, but don’t know alga from algae?

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