Dude and Dude: Late One Fine Evening …

Yikes! Dude, are we like payin’ or collectin’?

“Wha …”

“The fines, dude! Like it says up there. Are we shellin’ out, and if so, wha’d we do?!?

“Dude, I dunno.”

“C’mon, dude, ya gotta gimme somethin’ here.”

“Dude, it’s late. Also like it says up there. I got nothin’. Ti-red.”

“Dangit, dude, make up yer mind!


“First ya tell me y’ain’t got nothin’, an’ then ya tell me ’bout yer ties. Don’t know why, mind ya, the next tie I see ya wearin’ will be the first. And fer the luv o’ dude, why red? That’s an awful color fer a tie, y’ask …”

“Not red tie, dude. Tired!

“Oh, so yer the Michelin Man now?”

“Oh .. my ..”

“Shouldn’t we gettin’ a product placement fee fer that, ‘r somethin’?”

“On this site? Dude, we c’n just count ourselves lucky we don’ get fined fer talkin’ ’bout him.”

“Oh! That explains it! Why didn’t ya say so in tha first place!”

“‘Cause I’m tired, dude! It’s late! I’m fatigued!

“Yeah, the Michelin Man is that, I guess.”


“Fat. Dude ain’t got a spare tire, he’s got a whole rack. Betcha he don’t go to no doctors, ’cause if he did they’d all put him on a diet. But givin’ what he does fer a livin’ an’ all, he prob’ly don’t got no choice. Better fer him ta have a fat tire than a flat one.”



“Would ya rather have a fat lip ‘r a flat one?”

“Flat, thanks.”

Fine. Then can we …”

Dangit, dude, that’s what I asked ya way up at the top o’ the page. Payin’ ‘r collectin’?


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