Dude and Dude: Heat Wave

Dude! What the [deleted] are you doin’?!?

“Jus’ tryin’ ta be friendly, dude.”

“Yeah? By standin’ on the side a the road wit’ my hair dryer – my hair dryer – an’ 200 feet a extension cord?

“What, ain’t you heard, dude? It’s the gnarly new thing. All over Facebook an’ everythin’. Up Michigan way, they been doin’ it for like the last two weeks non-stop. Settin’ both early start an’ endurance records! ‘Course, no one bothered ta say how they did it, so I’ve kinda had ta guess …”

“Do what, dude?”

“The heat wave, dude!”

“The .. heat ..”

Sure! That’s how come I hadta borrow yer dryer. Someone comes by, ya turn the dryer on, wave it aroun’ an’ give ’em a blast. Near as I can tell, anyhow. Didn’t know where else I was gonna come up wit’ no heat. Ain’t like it ain’t been snowin’ around here lately.”



“Yer scarin’ me. Sheesh. Just what we need on top a global warmin’. Git back in the pad afore someone takes you fer a Canadian dollar.”

“A what?”

“A loonie, dude! An’ bring that dryer an’ all that cord in wit’ ya.”

“But dude! What if a dude comes by? How can I …?”

Fake it, dude.”

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2 Responses to Dude and Dude: Heat Wave

  1. Quilly says:

    Dude has been here in the PNW too long. The cold and wet is beginning to affect his brai …. Oh. What am I saying? Never mind.

  2. Doug says:

    Hahaha, Quilly.

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