Up (Microfiction Monday #69)

“Dude! Look! Up in the sky!”

“Its … aw, c’mon, dude. We just did that! An’ it ain’t like it’s the first time it’s been done since 1952, neither.”

Jeez, dude. Give a dude a break, willya …”

“Arm, leg, or head?”

“Go ahead, dude, make my day. While y’still can, maybe y’kin tell me what you’d make of this picture of Susan’s.”

“It is kinda directional, ain’t it?”

“Yeah. Not too hard to get the point. Or ‘points’, as it were. Power o’ positive thinkin’?”

“Power o’ positive profitin’.”


“Betcha it’s like this, dude.”

Having sold the town on his “Looking Up” theme, Wilson cannily set up his chiropractor’s office right next to the redesigned village square.

“Cannily? Cannily?! That what you drink outa when y’can’t get it on tap?

“No, dude, but y’kin dance to it.”


“Dude, don’t start gettin’ all philosophical on me, ‘kay?”

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8 Responses to Up (Microfiction Monday #69)

  1. Doug says:

    Hegel’s pun.

  2. Pat says:

    Dude–I laughed from beginning to end…”Looking Up”-theme-chiropractic office….cannily. I could go on and on…

  3. Karen says:

    Fun story within the story! Hope your week is just as fun! :>

  4. Celine says:

    Fun story with puns I’d say.
    Some foresight to drink that way.
    PS: I’ve put up my first Microfiction.
    Do visit if you’ve got a minute to spare.

  5. Lucy Westenra says:

    How many characters do you think an entrant should be allowed so that the reader has some hope of understanding the almost 140 or so which constitute his actual post?

  6. Jinksy says:

    Everyone can benefit when things are looking up! LOL

  7. Melanie Sherman says:

    Fun story and I think the chiropractor was very wise.

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