The Plague's The Thing

“The plague, dude?”

“Yeah. OC’s in bed with it. Achin’ and painin’, coughin’ and sneezin’ …”

Ewww. I sure hope he’s washin’ his hands ‘fore he touches us with that keyboard of his.”

“Wrong kind o’ virus, dude. We’re safe, if maybe a little sticky. But it sure got everybody in that My Fair Lady thing he was in. Good thing the production didn’t go for four weeks instead of three. There wouldn’t have been anyone to act in it. As it was, the principals were droppin’ like flies by the time of the final show.”

“But, dude … the plague?

“Of course, dude. From the play. Get it?”

“Not if I can help it, dude.”

“You’re just sorry you didn’t think of it first. But you gotta admit, that Will Shakespeare was a pretty crafty guy. Ahead of his time, too. Did you know that he wrote a play about casino gamblin’ in Scotland?”

“Uh, no …”


I know a dude who’s gamblin’ that he’s not gonna get control-Xed anytime soon.”

Command-Xed! Speakin’ of viruses, dude. A plague on all your Sevens!”

  – O Ceallaigh
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2 Responses to The Plague's The Thing

  1. kcinnova says:

    I just learned last night that one should never say “Macbeth” onstage. Who knew? (Not me!)

  2. Doug says:

    Owie! MacBet? Man that wasn’t what I needed this morning.

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