Dude and Dude: An I Deal World

“Y’know, dude, in an ideal world …”

“Not until I see your ante, dude.”

“What’re you wantin’ with my auntie, dude?”

“Right here, dude. Up close and personal.”

“Dude, you just might be a pervert.”

“Dude, you just might be a moron. I ain’t dealin’ no cards until you put your money down.”

“In an ideal world, dude, wouldn’t have to be no dealin’. Or fleecin’, neither. Brotherly love and all that.”

“Who you calling a …”

“All right, all right, brotherly respect. Sheesh.”

“Well, dude, hate to clue ya, but it’s an I deal world, far as I can tell. Gimme that red paperclip and see if I can get a house out of it.”

“Or a mountain of red ink. My luck, any paperclip I got my hands on would have the mortgage foreclosed on it.”

“You just don’t got the proper attitude, dude. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. Then play for more. Your whole life could be waitin’ behind door number three. How you gonna know if you don’t deal?

“I thought you were the one dealin’, dude.”

“I am, dude. But I still ain’t seen your ante.”

“She’s out shopping, dude. Helping to paint Friday black. Speakin’ of dealin’ …”

  – O Ceallaigh
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  1. Doug says:

    Yeah. Speaking of dealing.

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