Dude and Dude: Water Pity

“Dude! Did you see those comments? I always thought you were weird, but I never thought we were scary!

“It was the leotard, dude. You’re not exactly Playgirl material, you know. The mere thought of you in tights would drive a teetotaler to drink.”

“Well, she won’t be doing any of that at our place.”

“What? Men in tights?”

“No, dude. Drinking. Or didn’t you see that puddle in our driveway?”

“Puddle … in … our … driveway …”

“I don’t see how you could have missed it, dude! The water line to the house is busted, and now we’re ancient mariners.”

“Ancient? Me?!?

“You and me both, dude. Dammit. Water, water everywhere / And not a drop to drink. Or flush.”

“Uh, dude?”


“This is, like, bad!


“Is somebody coming to fix it?”



“In Hawai‘i?!? Maybe next week sometime.”

“But I hafta go to the …”

Neighbors, dude. And hope they’re friendly.”


Alas, the dudes speak truth. Quilly and I have been exiled to the Land of Dodgy Internet until someone can find and patch the hole in our water line. This may mean that we’ll be hard to find for a little while. Please do not adjust your LCD display, the problem is not in your motherboard. This isn’t exactly one of the lasting memories that Quilly was hoping to create, but, Mick, you can’t always get what you want.

Please bear with us.

– O Ceallaigh
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5 Responses to Dude and Dude: Water Pity

  1. Whater pity that is indeed. We came home from the longest trip in our lives to find we had no water–four days without water, it was miserable. But at least we have a stream on our farm, that we could bring in buckets to flush the toilet with. That was ONE stink less anyhow.

    I hope this doesn’t become too expensive or crazy for you, before it gets repaired!

    How’s the cape coming?

    • The Amoeba says:

      Thanks, Susan. At least the ‘expenses’ part belongs to someone else. Dude’s got the cape almost ready, and the launch date’s on the calendar. But Dude doesn’t know this yet.

  2. gigihawaii says:

    I hope your neighbors aren’t in the same predicament! If they are, there’s always McDonalds. They usually have public restrooms. Good luck!

    • The Amoeba says:

      Neighbors are fine, Gigi, we have our very own episode of This Old House going here. Q would hold out for Wendy’s (though they’ve gone downhill since Arby’s bought ’em out).

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