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Kris an’ Murphy: Fakin’ It To the Streets

Kris: “Say what you want to about the hypocrisy and self-serving vanity of the Baby Boomers …” Murphy: “Happy to. How much time do we have? The university would like us to take a work break some time this week.” … Continue reading

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Reg and Syd: Sequestration Boomers

” … m .. m .. m .. my generation …” “Reginald! Are you OK?” “Couldn’t be better, Syd. Just reminiscing.” “By moaning like a stuck pig?” “Don’t be harsh, Syd. Roger Daltrey could build his business empire on his, … Continue reading

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Reg and Syd: One Tree Band

“Ah, Reg, that was satisfying.” “If you say so, Syd.” “Yes, yes. I know what you think about college football. But I’m grateful that you’re willing to let me share my filthy habits with you once in awhile. Your media … Continue reading

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