He and She: Tooning In

He and She were enjoying their nightly dessert …

He: “I don’t suppose, these days, that anybody’d get it if they tried. But they should still try.”

She: “Who’s they?

He:Costco. Some enterprising baker over there ought to trot out a Tuxedo Mousse and Squirrel Cake, just to see what would happen.”

She: “Not a Tennessee Tuxedo cake?”

He: “Can’t do without the mousse! Especially since the success of their limited animation approach paved the way for Hanna-Barbera and all the rest.”

She: “Is this where I go ‘har-de har har’?”

He: “Are you calling me lippy?

She: “I’m calling on you to watch out, or El Kabong will swing down and lay a kabonger on this conversation!”

He: “I’m a trumpet player, remember? Out of tune guitars don’t scare me.”

She: “Professional courtesy?”


She: “So, was Quick Draw McGraw a donkey?”

He: “Hm. He was kinda dimwitted, but if you’re thinking he was an ass, that’s maybe harsh. Actually, Quick Draw was a horse. Baba Looey was the donkey.”

She: “And Quick Draw was supposed to be a Wild West sheriff, wasn’t he? So did he ever ride a horse?”

He: “Yep. And drove a stagecoach with a team of horses.”

She: “And the horses never complained?”

He: “To someone who could dip them? Not likely.”

She: “Doesn’t seem right, or fair.”

He: “Well, they could always take their case to Harvey Birdman. But I don’t like their chances.”

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  1. Tora says:

    HA you are funny…. and witty… Thanks…

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