Christmas 2013: Day 1

Christmas Day 1 image“Merry Christmas, dude!”

Again?! Dammit, dude, we do this every year!”

“Um … yeah?”

“So ain’t this Christmas chick found somebody else yet? I ain’t never met her, an’ all I know ’bout her is she oughta be way old by now! Why do ya keep pushin’ her on me?”

“Oh fer cris … Happy Christmas, then!”

Gnarly, dude! Just so she’s happy wit’ some other dude, ya hear me?”

“‘Smatta you, dude? Ya get a rock in yer stockin’ ‘r somethin’?”

“Wrong holiday, dude. That’s Valentine’s day. ‘Member?”

“It was not. It was Hallowe’en!”

“Whatever. Gonna be a lot a peeps gettin’ rocks fer Valentine’s this year.”


“Dig it, dude. Ya buy yer candy now, what’s it gonna turn into by the middle a February, huh?”

“Buyin’ Valentine’s candy now?!? No way, dude!”

Way, dude. Here. Read.”

“Wow. Creepy!”

Ewwww. Dude, ya oughta be ‘shamed a yerself!”

“Same as you, dude!”

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