Dude and Dude: Dude’s Got a Beef

At the Stake House“So how’d ya enjoy yer sirloin, dude?”

Gnarly, dude! OC an’ Q oughta take us out ta dinner more often, yeah?”


“But …”

“But what?

“I didn’t see no vampires, dude. I wuz sure there’d be vampires.”


“Y’sed we’d be goin’ ta a stake house, right? I wuz kinda lookin’ forward ta, y’know, choosin’ my weapon an’ takin’ a few a ’em out.”

“I don’t f….”

“Gotta get in trainin’ fer this, don’t we, dude? Ain’t just tha zombie ‘pocalypse we gotta worry ’bout …”



“Wit’ all tha garlic they cook wit’ in here, y’re lookin’ fer vampires? B’sides. Ya see them cops over there?”

“Do I gotta?

“Ya gotta, dude. ‘Count a b’cause it’s a stakeout! Tha vampires don’t stand a chance in here.”

“Like wow, dude. Did they get a tip ‘r somethin’?”

“Dunno, dude. But I’ll bet the server hopes they leave one.”

“Right. Dude?”


“Ya ain’t tryin’ ta steer me wrong, are ya?”

“[…] Dude, sometimes talkin’ ta you is like talkin’ wit’ a girl, ya know?”

“A girl?

“Yeah. Miss Steak!”

“But I thought ya just had a cow, dude! Ya want ‘nother?

“[…] Just get in tha car, willya?”

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