Dude and Dude: Drink To Me Only With Thy Mug

“Wow! Gnarly!! Dude! Gimme yer cap!


“Y’ll see, just give. Ta. Now we turn the bill up …”


“And now comes tha tricky part …”

What the [deleted] do ya think yer doin’?!?

“Gettin’ a free soda, dude!”

“By bustin’ my cap an’ then tryin’ ta jam yer nose down a coin slot?!?

Insert face - bill up“I’m just tryin’ ta do what it says there, dude. Yeah, OK, that slot’s a little small, but it beats payin’ two bucks! Right?”

“It would’ve if’n ya’d gotten tha right kind a bill.”

“What? Yer cap’s not good enough?”

“Cap ain’t good fer nuthin’ now, dude. Bill ya wanted was the one on tha loony bird!

Dammit, dude, why didn’t’cha tell me that this wuz a Canadian machine?!?

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