Dude and Dude: Labor Intensive

labor_a_tory“So, dude, these sciency places are where Tea Party types are born?”


“WhaAAAAat what, dude? Where do these dudes ‘n chicks work?”

“Um … a laboratory?

‘Zactly! Labor – A – Tory. If that ain’t a maternity ward for conservative types, what is?



“Ya talk funny. What you say this place be again?”

“It be laboratory. What’s yer point?

“Belabor – A – Tory. Ain’t where they bear ’em, it’s where they beat up on ’em. Happier now?”

“Right. Yer tellin’ me that these ‘laboratory’ places are ‘be’-hives?”

“Dude. Them things ‘re yellow jackets. They’ll sting ya if’n ya look at ’em cross-eyed. Be careful.”

“But what if I ain’t a bee?”

Gnarly. Go ‘head an’ walk out in front a that truck. An’ see if’n I care.”

“Ya mean, like Congress?


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