Dude and Dude: Just The To Of Us

to-to-to-tomorrow“Well, dude, that didn’t work!”

“Why should it’ve worked, dude? You don’t!”

“Same as you, dude! But what’re we gonna do now?

“How ’bout nothin’? Dunno ’bout you, but I’m wiped. Maybe y’ll have a better idea tamorrow. Miracles do happen.”

“Even when wiseasses like you ‘re watchin’, dude?”

“Gotta be somebody wise ’round here.”

“Riiight. Ask ya somethin’, genius?”

Sure, dude. Glad ta see ya noticed.”

“Yer modesty is overwhelmin’, dude. I s’pose tha next thing y’re gonna tell me is that I should stop stressin’. Y’know, stop worryin’ ’bout this ‘r other stuff, take one day at a time.”

“Uh huh, that’s ’bout right.”

“So then ya go tellin’ me ’bout tomorrow.”


“Well, shouldn’t that be, like, one morrow?”


“Ya heard me. One morrow. ‘Chill, dude’, ya said. ‘One day at a time, dude’, ya said. An’ then ya go tryin’ ta lay two of ’em on me at once. Uh uh, dude. Not goin’ there! One’s, like enough an’ too much already!”

“Ya ain’t supposed to, dude.”

“I ain’t?

“Nah, dude, ya ain’t. How many times ya heard that there ain’t no tamorrow, huh? Ain’t it b’cause ya only get ’em one at a time? So relax. Fergit ’bout tha next day ’til it comes. Live fer today.”

I’ve only got two days ta live?!? I gotta do this ‘n that an’ all this other stuff, an’ I only got two days afore I kick tha bucket? Holy …”



Facepalm, dude …”

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  1. Quilly says:

    Oh crap. So when folks sing, “The sun’ll come up tomorrow” they really mean I’m going to be in the dark forever?

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