Dude and Dude: ‘Tis the Tisane

cup of chai“So what’re ya doin’ fer Thanksgivin’, dude?”

“It’s Thanksgivin’ already, dude?”

“Like, yeah?”

“So how come all I’m hearin’ about is, like, Black Friday? When did that get to be a holiday, anyways? There ain’t been a word ’bout Thanksgivin’.”

“That’s ’cause Thanksgivin’s fer turkeys, while Black Friday’s ’bout stuffin’. Speakin’ a black, what’s that in yer cup?”

“Spiced tea, dude.”

“Yeah? Ya don’t look like it.”

“Ain’t what it looks like, dude. It’s what it smells an’ tastes …”

“Didn’t say ‘it’, dude. I said ‘you’!”

I look like a cup a tea?

“It’d be an improvement, dude. But I thought everyone who drank that stuff belonged to, like, the same nationality. An’ you don’ fit!


Chai-nese, dude!”



“Do I know you?”

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