The Gift (Quilldancing #1)

As many of you know, Quilly kicked off the New Year (2011) with a new writing feature. The idea is that, on the first of every month, Quilly posts a prompt, and those who accept the challenge respond to it by the 15th, when Quilly puts up her own story.

Leave it to the Dudes – well, one of ’em, anyway – to jump into something like this with both feet.

Anyway, here’s the January prompt, and what happened to the Dudes when they tried it.

You received a set of clunky, old-fashioned roller skates from the oldest, most eccentric member of your family. The skates appear to be too small, so you try to return them. S/he insists you try them on. You decide to humor him/her. To your amazement the skates fit. Suddenly you are overcome with the urge to skate and … (tell us what happens next in 500 words or less).


“Dude … like, wow!

“They fit?

“Not only that, dude … they make me feel like skatin’!

“Right, dude. Now if they made you feel like swimmin’, they might have somethin’. Come to think of it, swimmin’ in those things might be safer. You ever finish payin’ the bills for the times you wiped out on your surfboard?

No, dude, really! Watch this double axle!”

“What the …”

“And this! Moonwalkin’ on skates!

“Holy s… Um, dude, I don’t get it.”

“Don’t get what?”

“Dude can’t walk ten feet down an empty highway in the desert in broad daylight without smashin’ his nose into concrete walls, and you’re doin’ stuff the inline skatin’ experts only dream of doin’? On those ancient clunkers? And them skates ain’t even red.”

“I don’t wanna read ’em, I wanna skate with ’em. Dude, this is the best present since World of Warcraft! Thanks, Auntie … hey! Where’d she go?”

“Prob’ly figured she’d better make herself scarce b’fore somebody snatched her up and burned her at the stake. Speakin’ of World of Warcraft …”

“I’ll text her later. Right now, this is just so gnarly! Dude, dude, dude of the asphalt, cool as he can be …”



Watch out for that … damn. Dude! You OK?”



“… ow …”

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9 Responses to The Gift (Quilldancing #1)

  1. quilly says:

    Is Dude’s name George? I’m thinking it’s gotta be. Dude ain’t much of a swinger.

    • Amoeba says:

      Dude’s name is Dude, Q. Who he channels isn’t up to me. Can’t say you’re wrong about the ‘swinging’ bit, though. After all, he can’t get a date. Of course, Dude can’t either.

  2. Barbara H. says:

    That would likely be my experience with skates these days, though I’d probably crash sooner. I wondered how the Dudes would handle this story. Nicely done.

  3. Bill says:

    Wonderful Story Dudes. Guess you could say this was one of their Excellent Adventures.

  4. From the sweet sentimentality of Quilly’s story to the antics of Dude and Dude! What a riot!

  5. Gnarly? I think the dudes are stuck in the 70’s! But funny, so they’re forgiven. The skates are working some magic here!

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