Dude and Dude: The Grass Shack Summit

“Hey dude! Get a load of this!


“President Obama’s coming back to Hawai‘i! And he’s bringing a pack of his friends!”

“I should think he’s got friends, the way he’s been throwing money around …”

“Not those friends. These are real economic summit-type friends. From 21 countries, no less. Says he wants to show that Hawai‘i is a place to do business. And …”

“He gonna muzzle all the dudes who’ve gone bust over crippling taxes and strangling regulations before they get here?”

” … he says he’s looking forward to seeing them all in flowered shirts and …”

Flowered shirts, dude? He said flowered shirts? Not aloha shirts? In the Aloha State? He tryin’ not to mention aloha ’cause he knows damned well there ain’t any around here any more? And what about the chicks, dude?”

“Grass skirts, dude.”

Grass skirts?!? He said he wanted to see these high-powered executive-type chicks in grass skirts?? That’s going to go over well. Not. When are we supposed to receive this beneficence, huh?”

“Waitaminute, let me check … says here, sometime in 2011.”

“Right. Two years from now. Wonderful. Way the economy’s going, Obama’s going to be entertaining them business people in grass shacks, on account of because there won’t be anything else open by then. I can hardly wait, dude.”

  – O Ceallaigh
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10 Responses to Dude and Dude: The Grass Shack Summit

  1. Doug says:

    APEC, at least, might be able to agree that the surf’s up, dude. The G20 would spend two days getting to the surf is.

  2. Thom says:

    Who’s bringing the pupus?

  3. Do any of them need a willing female slave while they’re there? I’m pretty good at handing out beer and pupus and waving fans, if there’s sunshine and more beer involved.

    • The Amoeba says:

      Susan, I’m afraid that if you tried joining the slave market waitstaff here, you’d have more competition than you’d bargained for. We haven’t quite gotten to the point where the kids scramble for quarters tossed onto the ground (or into the water) by the rich tourists, but those days are coming.

      I would have found your remark funnier had I not just read up on the history of sugar cane production in Hawai‘i, including this line purporting to explain the decline of the industry:

      Labor costs increased significantly when Hawai‘i became a state and workers were no longer effectively indentured servants.

  4. Bill says:

    No matter where our Illustrious Leaders are going to meet, nothing much will be accomplished. Maybe they should all be put in a Mālia {I did a google search} without any oars and end up getting stranded on Gilligan’s Island.

    Old Racist Hollywood , not one Local Hawaiian in the whole clip.

    • The Amoeba says:

      Actually, Bill, the good APEC folk are likely to see, and maybe even tour, Gilligan’s Coconut Island, which is a short boat ride from the north shore of O‘ahu. Assuming, of course, that the marine field station of the University of Hawai‘i that currently occupies the island – not to mention the University of Hawai‘i itself – is still operational in 2011.

      1930s Hollywood was no more racist than its audience.

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