Dude and Dude: Better Sit Down For This One

“Hey, dude!”

“[…] Do I look like a scarecrow?”

“Lemme put it this way, dude. If’n I brained ya, ya’d have one.”

“Dude, yer a genius!

“Ya finely noticed?”

“Yeah. Ever’ time I get ta thinkin’ that this social distancin’ thing is gettin’ kinda old an’ borin’, ya r’mind me jus’ how wunnerful it is!”

“[…] So I guess this means ya don’t wanna come wit’ me ta see tha cherry trees this weekend. They’s bloomin’ up tha hill in Waimea. ‘R at least they’s saposed ta be.”

“Dunno, dude. Can ya sit on ’em?”

“Sit on whut?”

“The chair-y trees, dude. Like ya just said.”

“Ya ain’t saposed ta be parkin’ yer ass on ’em, dude!”

“An’ why not, if’n they’s chairs? No, wait, I get it, they’s too high muckety-muck fer that. Each one a ’em heads up some highfalutin’ committee ‘r somethin’. Ain’t they got no rank-an’-file-y trees?”

Bench-y trees. Now ya got me doin’ it. Ya proud a yerself yet?”

“Ya c’n put my statuette on tha table-y tree over there, yeah? Oh, an’ when’s lunch? I’m hungry.


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  1. I’ll go! I’ll even take my own chair!

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