Amoeba’s Lorica: Meme-ories 31 (Competency Party Candidate)

Kris:Seriously, Murphy?”

Murphy: “Seriously. Trump and the Repugnicans are vile and corrupt. Biden and the Dimicrats may be less vile, but they’re no less corrupt. And their coalition will fly apart the second each of its constituent identity groups realizes that it isn’t going to be the one that runs the show for its own benefit and hind tit for all the others. Just like Trudeau up north, and Biden doesn’t have Canadians to work with. You really want a repeat of Obama’s first term, when the Repugnicans charged back from Dubya’s disgrace, which should have put them out of action for a generation, and showed that theirs is the only unified group of any size in the country?”

Kris: “The only unified group in the country is a pack of brain-dead racists?!?”

Murphy: “Which we wor$hiped like the coming of the Lord’s Messiah until COVID-19 came along. I am sick of lurching between two idiot extremes. Let’s have somebody who will remind us what this ‘personal liberty’ crap has earned us, who will get each of us to work, first and foremost, for the good of all. Or sit down and shut up.”

Kris: “You mean, like he just did in Hong Kong?”

Murphy: “Did it work, or didn’t it?”

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  1. Quilly says:

    Not what I want, but may very well be the natural backlash from the gross abuse of personal “freedom.”

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