Amoeba’s Lorica: Meme-ories 21 (Done)

“Yo, OC!”

What, dude?!?

“Jeez. Have ya fergotten a’ready?”

Dammit, dude, there’s only so much an Amoeba can take …

“Yeah? An’ how many peeps got their microscopes out ta se ya flip, huh? Ya see any a yer peeps in tha streets?

You trying to piss me off, dude?

“Ain’t even started yet, OC. Ya wanna see peeps in tha streets, try jackin’ up gas prices. Tha President an’ tha Congress actin’ like kindergarten dropouts ain’t gonna do it. Tha peeps a this country want that, so’s they can laugh an’ point fingers an’ tell all their friends that, howevah lousy they act, howevah dirty tha stick they got in life, they’s sure as hell betta than that!

“Ya get rid a Trump an’ tha Congress, take away tha entertainment they’s givin’ us, an’ try ta make peeps think ’bout what they’s doin’, worse think ’bout acceptin’ enny part a what their bud’s all been yellin’ about not acceptin’, like it was a football crowd ‘r somethin’, well that ain’t gonna happen, an’ all they gonna do is hate on you! Ain’t ya got that yet?

“Ya worried ’bout this stuff, go do somethin’ useful ’bout it. Like mebbe dig an’ stock a survival bunker. ‘R move back ta New Zealand ‘r someplace – if’n they’ll take ya, an’ as if they’s really no diff’rent. Yer protozoon-sized picket signs ain’t gonna do nothin’.”




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