He and She: Saucy

She: “So tonight, for dinner, we’ll have mushroom ravioli and the leftover meat sauce from the other night.”

He: “The meat sauce from the reception?”

She: “What reception …?”

He: “Oh, that’s right, it was just us. Too bad. Because otherwise we could have called it meat and greet sauce.”

She: “Ha ha. That’s cheesy. Or maybe not cheesy enough.”

He: “Hm?”

She: “If we add cheese to it, we can call it meat and grate sauce.”

He: “Right. Way to plump for compliments.”

She: “After all the work and stuff put into that sauce to plump it up? No way it’s complementary. We’re charging for it.”

He: “That’s really being bullish about your sauce.”

She: “I will not have a bull market running loose in this house! The bulls will trash the furniture!”

He: “Yeah, they would. I’d suggest bears, but they’d wreck the place too. And then declare bankruptcy so they didn’t have to pay for the damage.”

She: “No bears in Hawaiʻi.”

He: “Say what? You been to the beach lately?”

She:No bares, I said! That sauce is hot, and if a bare drops any, it’s going to burn! Besides …”

He: “… the sauce is hot, but the bod it falls on is maybe not?”

She: “In this muggy weather? Turn on the AC and we’ll talk.”

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