Dude and Dude: Apollo-ver The Town



“I gotta question.”

“Well, dude, if’n ya gotta ask it, do it, like, softly, yeah?”

“Ya ain’t got over New Year’s yet?

“Not tha problem, dude. Tha problem is, I ain’t sure questions ‘r a-loud no more.”

“Well, dude, I’m gonna do it anyway.”

“OK, yer funeral. When tha cops come, I don’ know ya.”

“Riiiight. So here ’tis. A sit-in is a place where peeps get tagetha to protest a decision, amirite?”

“Yeah. So?”

So – whatsya call it when peeps get tagetha ta regret a decision, huh?”

“G’wan, dude, lay it on me.”

“A rue-in.”

“[…] Little late ta be thinkin’ this up, ain’t it, dude?”


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