Dude and Dude: Punty Monday

“Hey dude!”


“I thought that American football was a fall game.”

“Yeah, dude. Of course it is. You fall when you’ve been tackled. Assuming, of course, that you like your knees and want to have them around awhile.”

“Not that kind of fall, dude. The season ‘fall’, the one when the leaf peepers come out.”

“And the football pools haven’t yet frozen over. So?”

“So how come I keep finding spring football on the idiot box?”

Really, dude? Gnarly!! Football on pogo sticks is something I gotta see!

“I knew I should have been more careful about using the word ‘idiot’. Not ‘football on springs’, dude. Football in spring!”

“They’re still playing bowl games, dude?”

Don’t give them any bright ideas.”

“So what else could this ‘spring football’ be?”

“Near as I can make out, they’re showing practice.”

“And practice is good enough to make it onto television?”

“Says something about what else is on, doesn’t it, dude?”

“But, like, how?

“They probably divide it up by positions. So, you know, you get like Tight End Tuesdays, Fullback Fridays, Safety Saturdays, things like that. And there’d better be a day given over to the special teams.”

“And what day would that be?”

“Monday, I reckon. Punty Monday.”



I don’t think so.

“You don’t believe me?”

“What I believe is that Quilly’d better ask someone else next time she’s in the middle of internet nowhere and needs someone to explain to her legion of fans that there won’t be a Punny Monday.”

“Well, I dunno, dude. Football on pogo sticks sounds pretty punny to me.”

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0 Responses to Dude and Dude: Punty Monday

  1. Football over here is slowly taking the whole year. I like the idea of springs – powerful ones – send them somewhere else.

    • Jim says:

      Anthony, your football is our soccer. Soccer is taking over the whole year here in in our sunny South as well for the kids.
      Our Houston Dynamo professional team is playing already to this year. They just moved here from San Jose a few years back and already are ‘Winners of 12 domestic and international trophies.’ They usually are very good although they are getting off to a rocky start this year.

  2. Barbara H. says:

    I was thinking there might not be a Punny Monday since Quilly was away. Thanks for the amusing way of letting us know.

    As a non-sports fan, I wish all televised sports were confined to certain channels and never interfered with regular programming. Except maybe the Olympics.

  3. There is no joy in Mudville today.

    Oh wait – that’s baseball!

  4. Doug says:

    The dudes are keeping the pun larder well-stocked for this weak.

  5. tilden says:


  6. kcinnova says:

    Tight End Tuesdays, eh? Will they make my butt look smaller? 😉

  7. Jim says:

    I am missing your Funny Punny Mon(da)y! 🙂 Not that I ever guess correctly, I am more sophisticated than your Fun Mon Puns. Sorry.

    I did like this little post. I know you will like two items if you really get into football.
    1. Punty Guys &
    2. those Tight Ends.

  8. Thom says:

    It sounds like the Dudes are trying to promote some kind of porn with all these day of the week escapades 🙂

  9. @flipsideflorida says:

    “What I believe is that Quilly’d better ask someone else next time she’s in the middle of internet nowhere and needs someone to explain to her legion of fans that there won’t be a Punny Monday.”

  10. polona says:

    how can something where the ball (and an oval one at that!) is hardly ever touched by a foot be called football whereas the game where most of the important stuff happens with the feet is ‘soccer’ pffft, americans!

  11. Hey, I think I’d like Pogo-stick Football much better than what we’ve got.

    I also like the sound of “Tight End Tuesday” though I think your vision of TET and mine would be different things!

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