Dude and Dude: Platform Change

Poor Quilly’s Vista machine keeps cutting out on her. This weekend, she’s had to use my old Mac …


“Having fun yet, dude?”


“I take it that’s a ‘no’?”

“How the hell do you go through the day without taking a bite out of this Apple? Or a hundred of ’em, more likely??”

“But, dude! On this machine, everything works. Most of the time, anyway. Unlike some operating systems I could name. And besides.”

“Besides what, dude?”

“You leave my RAM alone.”

“The only good your RAM is doing is making me feel sheepish. What difference does it make if everything on here works beautifully if I can’t find any of it?”

“So you can’t even drive on five percent of the roads?”

Leave my driving out of this! The desktop, the file management system, the Utilities programs, it’s all weird, man!”

“You own a machine where you push the ‘Start’ button to shut it down, and you’re calling my box ‘weird’? Listen to yourself, dude! You know, of course, that Bill Gates had to make his stuff look different from the Mac.”

“For why, dude?”

Copyright infringement, dude.”



“Copyright this.”

“Dude, sometimes I’m glad we don’t do video.”

I want my Windows back!!

“In the hope that you might actually be able to open some of them? Well, I suppose you could always try that new Mojave thing.”

Now you’re talkin’, dude. I have been to the desert, and I have seen the light!

“Sheesh. Next trip out, dude, remember to bring the water.”

  O Ceallaigh
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5 Responses to Dude and Dude: Platform Change

  1. Quilly says:

    I am learning to like your Mac. How is PC Dude doing?

  2. Minkydo says:

    lol….great convo. Sounds vaguely familiar too……

  3. sauerkraut says:

    yo dude ‘ette and mac.

    are you suggesting the horse with no name be lured with an apple to a different vista?

    or are we talking about a horse of a different color here?

    great tune. might come back just for the y’tube.

  4. oceallaigh says:

    Quilly, I’d have him tell you himself, but he’s crawled down a hole and pulled his dead PC in after him.

    Thanks, Minkydo. Warmth to you …

    Kitty, Mojave is a desert with Vista underground and the perfect disguise above. Or at least Microsoft thought it was the perfect disguise. But then, a nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse. 😉

  5. tlp says:

    Not many things more annoying that computer woes. And yet. We lived without them in our homes just a decade ago. Amazing. Couldn’t do it again.

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