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Reg and Syd: Car Facts

Syd: “A … um … remarkable Hawaiian sunset, Reg.” Reg: “A rain shower with the backdrop of the last light of day, Syd. Something a bit out of the ordinary for the desert side of Hawai‘i Island, and worth making … Continue reading

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Reg and Syd: If You Can’t Stand the Heat …

Sydney: “Well, Reg, have you had a chance to review the climate report that was released last month?” Reginald: “I leave that to you and those scientists you insist on hiring. I suppose you mean well, but I still find … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: The Coalden Calf

A work of fiction. Any resemblance to living persons is for satirical purposes, or is coincidental. With apologies to the author(s) and editor(s) of Exodus ch. 32. Bill M.: “What the hell is that?!?” Will B.: “A coal fire. What’s … Continue reading

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