Amoeba’s Lorica: Ante

Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba was walking to town yesterday (20 March 2022), in search of groceries to stock the kitchen of the cabin in which he and Dame Amoeba will be staying for the next ten weeks. And, as he was walking among the shops in the town center, he saw, here and there, little flashes of blue and yellow.

I Stand With Ukraine!

Or, perhaps, since the flags and decals were rather small,

Um, hello, Uk…raine, maybe?

rather like a teenager in class, hand half raised, a doubtful expression on her face, not sure if she knows the answer or should be admitting to anyone that she does.

Perhaps realizing that, just as it’s useless to plant a bumper sticker screaming for climate change action, now, on an automobile, it’s useless to post the flag of Ukraine on a house or shop without also posting recognition of, and willingness to accept, the likely consequences of such support.

That’s right, Boomer. What goes around, comes around.


Maybe the Hawaiian Islands will get to hear their air raid sirens proclaim nuclear incineration. For real.

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