Amoeba’s Lorica: Dear USA, From the World

A friend, on this 4 July 2020, posted a link to a blog entry by one John Pavlovitz, dated 28 January, 2017, a week after the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Its title: “Dear World, From America.” The friend’s comment: “Although this is more than three years old, it’s still as applicable as ever.”

Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba wonders aloud just how ‘applicable’, after that more than three years, “The World” would find this piece to be.

Right. Who’s “we”, huh? “Americans”?? Listen up, turkeys, we’ve got stacks of correspondence, everywhere from Brazil to St. Kitts and Nevis, complaining to us that they’re completely fed up with you United States yahoos making out like you’re the only Americans. Bombastic stuck-up claims like that are entirely consistent with your national character. But it’s disgusting. Stop it.

Speaking of claims. We’ve noticed that the past three-plus years hasn’t silenced any of your noise. We learned long ago to tune that out. We weren’t watching what you said, we were watching what you did. Speaking of disgusting.

Say what?!? Tell that to your First Peoples, your African-Americans, your Irish, your Italians, your Polish, your Chinese, your Japanese, your Puerto Ricans. You suckered in our huddled masses so that they could become your huddled masses. Yeah, you could ship some of them out to the frontier. But you don’t have a frontier now. You’re an overcrowded, resource-strapped patch of land just like the rest of us, and raping it like it was still 1776 or something. Well, it isn’t, and you’re about to find that out, no matter how loudly you scream “Fake news!” And then what?!?

And you can stop feeding us the line that this is all Mr Trump’s fault. Black wages as a fraction of white wages in the United States collapsed during the Obama Administration, who during six of his eight years in office had an overwhelmingly white supremacist Congress to deal with, screaming for Mr Obama’s birth certificate. All Mr Trump has done has been to give open voice to what you fools already were thinking. To blow away your smokescreen of civility and reveal the monster behind the curtain. Which we already knew was there!

This is not our America. Our America affirms the inherent, priceless beauty of every human being.

You mean, like is shown through your indomitable support for the Affordable Care Act, and your use of that as a stepping stone to honest-to-dog universal health care? You wish to tell us what happened to that, again?

And we are going to fight for this America.

Bullshit!!! You morons have spent the last three plus years counting your money, not fighting for your myth of (damn you!) the United States. And if it hadn’t been for this virus schtick, which you’ve handled in the most incompetent fashion imaginable, you would still be counting your money in the lead-up to the 2024 election, assuming you had one. Just like the Germans did in the years after the Nazis used a minority victory to seize power.

Seventy-five effing years of lecturing us about Hitler, and when one of your own steps into the role, did you learn from us? Did you topple the monster before he could rip off your gilded clothes and show us all the naked filth beneath? Fuck no! You did exactly as the Germans did, exactly as Sinclair Lewis predicted you would do under the same circumstances! You counted your blood money. We’d tell your asses how much this burns, but you’d just scream “Lies!” at us. So why bother?

You want to tell us how much better than us you are, when the Germans have outlawed every expression of the Nazi era except the death camps, which are kept as symbols of national shame and atonement, and you cretins keep your Confederate memorials?!? Or is that so your southerners don’t get an excuse to remind your noble Northerners of their Black Codes?

Dear World, we’re sorry and we hope you’ll endure these days with us.

Your apology and $5 might get us a cup of coffee that doesn’t taste like burnt soapsuds with a side of corporate extortion. If and when you twerps learn the true price of citizenship and act accordingly, we might let you come visit us again. Don’t hold your breath.

In disdain,


PS: Tell this crap to the would be refugees from Afghanistan who fell off your cargo planes. Or to the refugees that you’re not going to get from the Ukraine, because no way you’re letting them into the country. And you may as well stop worrying about the Chinese. They already pwn you, you both know it, and you know damned well how, and why, you got pwned. Ignorant morons! STFU and start learning how to take the medicine that you need, that your own actions have made necessary.

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