Dude and Dude: The Interlopers

“Tha what?

“Tha interlopers, dude. Means someone hornin’ onta yer turf.”

“Bad vibe, dude. Good thing it ain’t ’bout ta happen ta us.”

“Ya reckon?”

“Yeah. Like, first we gotta have a turf ta horn in on. All we got’s our names. Who wants them?

Dude and Dude: Keith PoletiekUm … these guys?

“What tha … They can’t do that!!

“Looks ta me like they can, dude, an’ better than ‘can’, they did!

But we wuz here first!!

“Ya sure ’bout that?”

I dunno, dude! Don’t spring crap like this on a dude an’ then ‘spect him ta have alla tha answers. Lessee: if we go here – wow, they’re tryin’ ta crowdfund a booka book!?! Already?? OK, chillin’ … I guess this Poletiek dude’s their agent, same as we got OC … click on tha “See full bio” tab … been doin’ this two an’ a half years … two an’ a half years?!? What tha hell’s OC been doin’ alla this time? Sleepin’?!?

“Try ‘tryin’ ta save seafood’, dude.”

“Gaah. What does that make us, then?”

“Virtually clueless?”

“But we wuz still here first! These dudes just got goin’ in, like, 2011. We got started way bemmmmmffmmmmmmffm!!”

Ixnay on tha atesday, dude.”

“But like fer why?

“Ya don’t wanna give out that we’re, like, too old ta be dudes, yeah?”

“Dude! I’m gonna be a dude, like, ferevah!

“Yeah right. Good luck wit’ that.”

“But whadda we do now, dude?”


“An’ let these guys just take over?

“It’s like this, dude. This Poletiek dude’s got his dudes a syndicate. What we got’s an OC who’s in it fer grins ‘n’ giggles. Who keeps threatenin’ us wit’ ‘command-X’ ever’ time we …”


” … ever’ time we step outa line, like I wuz sayin’. Them dudes got tha work done, they get ta reap tha rewards, ya hear me? Sure sounds ta me like Poletiek’s paid ’nuff dues ta get here. Hell, he might be older than OC!”

“So we just get ta sit here wit’ tha dirty end a tha stick. Thanks a pantload, dude.”

“Yeah, well, ya remember what our moms an’ dads always told us?”

Pick better parents next time. Blah blah blah …”

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3 Responses to Dude and Dude: The Interlopers

  1. Quilly says:

    Titles can’t be copywritten, but ideas can. How like your dudes are these dudes?

    • Amoeba says:

      Much more like street dudes than our Dudes – except that Poletiek is a Christian cartoonist so the edges have been rather severely filed. Not much likelihood that Poletiek even knows that our Dudes exist.

  2. Ruth Guillard says:

    Do backblogs count as evidence? I mean all of your past bloggage should show the-powers-that-be that you dudes deserve the name Dude and Dude. It’s obvious that your stuff differs from Poletiek’s strip and would attract a different readership, so maybe we should all quick-like fund your book.

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