Reg and Syd: It Was Super

“Well. That was satisfying.”

“I hear it was a good game, Reg.”

“I wouldn’t know, Syd. I wasn’t actually watching the Super Bowl, of course. I was watching the viewer ratings. Very satisfying indeed.”

“To think that a single afternoon of football has more viewers than an entire year’s worth of public broadcasting!”

“Don’t exaggerate, Syd. There are ample reasons for us to continue agitating for the government to stop funding PBS without our making any up. But the property is one that’s worth protecting. Makes me glad that I suggested to Roger that he, ah, promote that New York club. The … the …”


“Yes. The Giants. Keeping that New York market happy keeps the bottom line happy. And that David vs. Goliath, Heroes vs. Cheaters storyline didn’t hurt a bit either.”

“Now that, Reg, is a coup. Selling the idea of New York – anything New York – as an underdog. And getting away with it! So now, half of America is singing the praises of Eli Manning, and the other half is out buying brown M&Ms. Nothing could be finer!”

“You have perhaps forgotten our, ah, little windfall?”

“You mean, when we placed those bets on the Giants last November, after your chat with Roger? When we could get 100-1 on them winning the Super Bowl? Not likely. A nice little chunk of petty cash.”

“Well timed, too. Valentine’s Day is upon us.”

“Ah yes. Danielle.”

“We’ll be going somewhere where she can be, ah, comfortable without having to worry about either the weather or prying eyes.”

“Just be careful that you don’t get eyestrain yourself, Reg.”

“Oh, I will, Syd. I will.”

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