Amoeba’s Lorica: Dum de Free Dom

sold out FREEDOM, n. One of a number of remarkable products in America that is available only in specially-marked packages, and for a special price.


In the markets of Boston and Denver and Berkeley,
All the packages scream they have something for free.
But where it’s at is the market of thought; for, y’see,
Dumb, in America, really is free!

Oh no, not that kind, though the silence would be
A season of bliss, just between you and me.
Instead it’s noise, always noise, loudly, intolerably
(And intolerant too, if you see what I see) –
Dumb in America really is free!

From their fetters and chains that proclaim slavery,
Folks holler, “Protect our blessed liberty!”
But of course they mean “me”, and nothing for thee –
Dumb in America really is free!

The citizens stomp, and they shout, and they rally:
“The billionaires suck us all dry and then party!”
And then they go out on a big buying spree
Of the gotta-have gimcracks from the big companies –
Dumb in America really is free!

“The planet is dying!” the activists cry,
“Stop burning rock carbon, or else we’ll all fry!”
Then they hop in their cars just to see what’s to see
(And, of course, so you see their nobility) –
Dumb in America really is free!

White rich folk proclaim, “For the veggies I freeze,
No science allowed! Give me organic peas,
And stop poisoning me!” They don’t care to see,
Black babies would starve thanks to GMO-free
(and the poor of all colors, so says history) –
Dumb in America really is free!

The Bible tells people who hold it in fealty
Four Horsemen of Doom await us. But really,
In today’s Untied States, there are only three:
Ignorance, Greed, and Hypocrisy
(Fear rides in a papoose ‘bove Ign’rance’s knee) –
Dumb in America? It has to be free!

Maharishi Jaiseifelided

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