Kris an’ Murphy: Priorities

war or educationKris: “OK, I’ll bite. Why is there always money for war but not for education?”

Murphy: “Because if we didn’t have a war budget, we’d be getting our education in Farsi? Or Chinese? We got a lot of stuff here in these Untied States, we still use a much higher proportion of the world’s resources than just about anyone else. You really think people will refrain from rushing in and taking it just because we ask nicely? Especially given our track record since 2001? I’m afraid I don’t think so.”

Kris: “I’m afraid a lot of folk aren’t going to like your answer. You’re not going to jeopardize your student evaluations by expressing that in one of your classes, are you?”

Murphy: “Hm. If they don’t like that answer, I’ve got a question that they’re probably going to like even less.”

Kris: “And that is …?”

Murphy: “How come there’s money for football and not for education?”

Kris: “You really would prefer that football went incognito, don’t you?”

Murphy: “You mean it hasn’t already? The sooner it becomes invisible, the better I’ll like it. But I can ask the same question about Disney, or Eminem, or Grand Theft Auto. Why do we have money for them instead of education?”

Kris: “Because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t care whether we had education or not? Or what language we were getting it in?”

Murphy: “Your game theory, Kris?”

Kris: “At least I’ve got a theory, Murphy.”

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