Reg and Syd: Tune Out, Turn Off, Drop …

I used to care“A little advertising investment, Reg?”

“She might look good on my arm at that. Dressed properly.”

“I was, ah, alluding to the message on the T-shirt.”

“Hmmm? Oh, that. Yes, I suppose it’s good for us to keep reminding the little people just where they stand. But they are keeping themselves in line so well, we hardly need do much.”

“You’re bullish on the disinformation campaigns, then?”

“Yes indeed. We’ve mastered destructive debate – you know, the kind that only serves to restate a position until it wins. He who shouts loudest and longest comes out on top. And we have what it takes to come out on top, every time, on every topic of interest to us. We win when people parrot our arguments with us. We win when people argue against us, and then behave in a manner that completely invalidates their position – they can spout all they want, but when it comes to doing what they preach, the gasoline will wind up in the tank of the guzzler every time, I guarantee it. And, most especially, we win when people say ‘forget about arguing, I don’t care any more, bring on American Idol and the Super Bowl, complete with the ads’.”

“And if President Osama wants to flush his legacy down the same toilet as that has-been in the Maldive Islands, by spouting the same bogus climate-change rubbish and ignoring the citizenry’s demand for stuff, well, that’s his lookout. We will have his replacement ready, this time.”

“Well said, Syd, well said. Here’s to those people who don’t want to hear about politics. They work for us, for free. And if they’re taking pills and bolstering the profitability of our pharmaceutical investments, so much the better.”

“Hear, hear.”

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