The Weaker Sex

No, dude. Just no!

What no, dude?”

“This bit about men being the weaker sex. That’s just wrong!

“You just findin’ out ’bout this, dude? That’s old news. Don’t tell me you never worked out how come, for most of history, they only took men in the army?”

“B’cause they’re stronger, dude!”

“You’re wrong, dude. When’s your next baby due?”

“Are you goin’ weird on me or somethin’, dude? Y’need a chick for that!”

“In other words, don’t hold my breath waitin’, right? ‘Course, maybe if you were the last man on Earth …”

“I’d be busy …”

Precisely, dude. Assumin’ of course the chicks went in blindfold an’ holdin’ their noses. But men don’t wind up fightin’ ’cause they’re stronger, they fight ’cause they’re expendable. One guy can repopulate the village. One gal, I don’t like her chances.”

“You’re not makin’ things any better, dude.”

“I ain’t done yet, either. Let’s look at this stronger thing. I’d ask you to flex, but I didn’t bring my microscope so I could see that peanut you call a biceps. So where’s your college degree?”

“Don’t have one, dude. You know that.”

“Couldn’t afford to go?”

“No, I went.”

“And …”

“I flunked out. Spent most of my time in my room playin’ Tetris.”

“Uh huh. And where were you when we met?”

“Livin’ at home.”

“With …?”

“My mom.”

“Who was …”

Yeah, dude, she was workin’ an’ payin’ the bills. Shut up already!”



Case closed!

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2 Responses to The Weaker Sex

  1. quilly says:

    Men are handy to have around. For instance, I think the china hutch needs to be moved ….

    😉 My man is coming home and I am hap, hap, happy!

  2. kcinnova says:

    At my house, there are 5 males (well, okay, one is off at college) and 1 female. Coincidence? I think not.
    Also, your logic is scaring me. I’m a little nervous about one of the boys going off to college, flunking out, and coming home to live. Forever.

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