Amoebaʻs Lorica: Meme-ories 44 (Judging A Book By Its Author)

But seriously, folks …

As has been mentioned in this space a time or two, Quilly, Dame Amoeba, has been trying to break into the writing game. Her thing is Christian romance, which tends not to be a catalogue of all the bad things in the world, and sheʻs even, so far, managed to avoid trying to catalog all the bad males in the world. Sometimes, Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba wonders why any woman bothers …

As with any new venture, there have been challenges to overcome. Viruses, for example. And vampire hummingbirds. Letʻs face it, it ainʻt the easiest thing in the world to keep track of your plot complications when adriamycin is running ʻround your brain.

But these things too did pass. And there are books.

More to the point, there are sales! Thatʻs the big news around here this week. Ladies and gentlemen, Dame Amoeba, Charlene L. Amsden, is now a bestselling author on Amazon, number four on the Contemporary Christian Romance list!

Now, if we can keep her there. If you, dear reader, are so moved as to go out and buy a dozen or so of her books, and prod your friends and neighbors into doing likewise, weʻd be most appreciative. Her books are fun, youʻll enjoy them. She will enjoy having the incentive to get the next five or so installments written. She is even trying to incite YFNA to read them aloud, for fun and profit. (YFNA thought she wanted to attract readers, not scare them away.)

And YFNA can indulge the fantasy of being able to retire on the proceeds.

OK, timeʻs up. Back to work, Amoeba.


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