Amoeba’s Lorica: Abject

Quoth a noble commentator on this cartoon:

So much horrific truth in one panel. Ego. Ignorance. Betrayal.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba’s response:

So why are not (California excepted) these Untied States burning?

Somebody somewhere will certainly ask how this is different from President Obama gloating about the extrajudicial, military execution (murder) of Osama bin Laden – who, according to the rules of a civilized, law-abiding state, should have been captured and brought to trial. Ultimately, there is little difference.

Both Obama and Trump have acted as they have to satisfy the pornographic bloodlust of the citizenry. Hail Caesar.

If this were ancient Japan, where honor actually mattered, each and every citizen would have committed seppuku by now. In shame over the acts of the persons they elected to office, and over their failure to do anything at all to correct them. Except bitch uselessly.

Note to Quilly: in re anger issues.

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